Pillow Top Mattress

A Double-Sided Pillow-Top Mattress for A Wonderful Sleeping

Are you seriously worried about your sleeping habits? Have you ever wondered about getting a suitable pillow for your unique sleeping postures? No matter what way you have your sleep, the best mattress to keep you comfortable forever. A double-sided pillow top mattress is known for its comfort and improving body posture. 

The best feature of our double-sided pillow top mattress is its ability to suit every style of sleeping position, even the side sleepers. Such a mattress carries the ability to allow you long-lasting support and great relief from back pain. If you compare it with several other mattresses, you will find that this double-sided pillow top mattress is a perfect one due to the addition of padding sewn on its top. At Prince Mattress we assure you of quality and trust with our mattresses.

Features of our pillow top mattress

There are various features attached to our double-sided pillow top mattress that makes it such a preferred choice. Here we go:

  • Warranty: Usually, eight years is the time for which you should use a mattress. Here you are getting a huge warranty of 15 years to get it changed in the case.


  • Materials: This product comes with green hot cotton, which is why you can be glad about using an eco-friendly mattress at home. It also consists of a white cotton cushion mat and a high-density foam layer.


  • Fabric: It is the result of the use of pure cotton cloth. You will find the essence of purity in all our products.


  • Spring: a coil is present inside the pillow top mattress.


  • Availability of several measurements in the product: These can be single, king single, double as well as queen and king.


Importance of using pillow- top mattresses

Below are a few benefits you get when using such mattresses for daily sleep:


  • Quilt layer comprising an extra portion of padding: This additional top layer provides great comfort and softness throughout your sleep. 


  • A high-quality product to evenly distribute your weight: The product ensures a proper weight distribution. This further proves to improve your sleep quality. It eliminates the pressure points and all other potential discomforts.


  • Do not retain heat: The double side pillow top mattress won’t even retain heat. That prevents the capturing of your body heat and prevents you from any discomfort during the sleep.


  • Affordable mattresses: Such mattresses, though you would think are costly, but are available at reasonable prices. These are luxury mattresses and are relatively less expensive than others. And they still provide so much support you need for a good night’s sleep. 

Why a double-sided pillow top mattress?


  • Role of the innerspring present in the mattress


Such innerspring mattresses help a considerable amount of support to your body through the coil system. Such mattresses have been in use for a long time. And they still remain the preference of a huge number of customers.


  • Double-sided feature


As we all know, the usually used mattresses allow you to rotate them. But when we talk of double-side pillow-top mattresses, you can rotate them as well as flip them over.


  • A pillow top


As said, this feature of the double-sided pillow top mattress is to give you an extra amount of comfort and sleep movement absorption. 

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