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When it comes to mattresses, what counts is the feel and experience of it. A mattress is a comfort, that person looks for after an entire day of work. Prince Mattress ensures that you live this experience and get up from the bed as a rejuvenated person.

We cater to the demands of our customers as per their needs and requirements. While some prefer plush mattresses, others seek firm mattresses. At Prince Mattress, we offer you a range of mattresses from where you can choose your style and comfort.

For our consumers who look for a firm sleeping surface, we provide the best extra firm mattresses. It leaves no room for bouncing. Your entire body can rest in alignment with the mattress along with a gentle layer of cushioning.

Given below are certain pointers that will help you in discerning the advantages associated with the products of Prince Mattress. We suggest you go for a quick reading of the same so that you know where you should rightly shell out your money.

  • Benefits of the technology used by Prince Mattress

Using an extra firm mattress gives your body complete support and maintains the posture. It mitigates the pressure on the backbone by serving as a cushion to your shoulders. It comes attached with padding of palm fabric on both sides. It uses coil spring and pure cotton fabric and comes in various sizes such as Single, King Single, Double, Queen, and King.

  • Provides the requisite personal space

Often couples are faced with an issue of disturbances in their sleep pattern caused due to unfit mattresses. An extra firm mattress ensures that you and your partner sleep undisturbed and peacefully without rolling over to each other’s sides.

  • Relieves chronic pain

People suffering from chronic pain are quite troubled when it is time to sleep. The reason being that a mattress if not chosen properly can worsen your pain. The extra firm mattress keeps the alignment of your neck and spinal cord at the perfect angle.

  • Lesser pressure on the muscles

It is sometimes seen that a person wakes up irked from the bed for no reason at all. It is due to the stiffness caused to the muscles that further leads to a tension of the mood. The firmness of the mattress keeps out the tension from the body and gives you a healthy sleep.

  • Perfect for back sleepers

If you love to sleep on your back rather than being on the side or stomach, then our extra firm mattress is the right fit for you. The hard-sleeping surface curtails the body from sinking into the mattress.

  • Proper distribution of weight

Prince Mattress is firm yet soft enough to comfort you without sucking your weight to the center. The firmness ensures that you can sit or lay on any corner of the mattress without the fear of rolling over.

  • Balances the body temperature as per the weather

To come back home to a hot mattress during summer days is the worst that can happen to a person. We customize the firmness of our mattresses in such a way that the body heat escapes into the air rather than being absorbed into the mattress itself.

Prince Mattress takes care of your health as well as comfort. Along with a night of good sleep, it offers you a healthy posture of the body and relaxed muscles. For further details, go through our catalogue. For placing an order, visit, or stores. We also provide an option for online orders.